10 Great Reasons To Make Your Office Paper-Free

Well, maybe not quite totally paper-free as where would we be without our gorgeous notebooks (or is that just me?) But for most businesses, making the move from a paper-based system to using cloud-based filing has so many advantages – here’s our top 10:

1. Security

Using a cloud-based filing system is so more secure – with password protection and multi-factor authentification, your documents are safe

2. Save Space

You’ll save so much office space – think of all those filing cabinets, shelves and the cost of archive storage you’ll be able to do away with

3. Remote Access

If your team works remotely they’ll all be able to access anything they need from wherever they’re based – so much more efficient & time saving

4. Cost Savings

Cloud storage isn’t expensive – in fact you’ll save money as you won’t need to buy paper & folders anymore

5. Speed

It’s quick and easy to locate files in an online cloud-based system using the search facility – much faster than manually searching through piles of folders!

6. Less Risk Of Losing Anything

Folders and paperwork can be mislaid – but as long as your cloud storage is backed up regularly, your documents aren’t going anywhere!

7. Saves Paper

An online cloud filing system will significantly reduce the amount of paper used – so much better for the environment!

8. Reduces Fire Risk

Having piles of paperwork stacked here, there and everywhere is a fire risk. And once it’s gone, it’s gone!

9. Easy Access

No need to haul folders and files over to your bookkeeper or accountant anymore – just give them online access to whatever they need

10. HMRC Compliant

Accounting records must be kept for at least 6 years – and electronic records are perfectly acceptable. Plus, with bookkeeping software such as Xero, documents can be uploaded and stored alongside each transaction

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