Our Pricing

Although we can and do offer traditional hourly rates for one-off pieces of work or jobs with very varied workload, many of our existing clients have moved onto monthly packages and are experiencing all these benefits:


  • They know how much they are paying each month, which helps massively with planning cashflow


  • The cost of busy months is spread out across the year, for example extra work associated with quarterly VAT returns or preparation of annual year end figures is not all incurred at once


  • If something takes a little longer one month, or if we have a delay or a problem, it doesn’t cost the client any extra


  • We’re under no pressure to rush the work if the bill for the month is looking a little higher than usual


  • We review our monthly package prices regularly, so if the workload does decrease then so do our clients’ monthly fees


For bookkeeping clients we base our package prices on volume of transactions. Our software enables us to track volume of transactions and we look at the average over three months and we contact the client to advise if the fee they are paying is still appropriate. And for PA/admin support we base package prices on the amount of time we expect the work to take, which we monitor using time-tracking software.

As a rough indication, our full bookkeeping package for a business with approximately 20 bills per month, 10 sales invoices received, 50 transactions and one bank account would cost in the region of £120 per month. This includes Xero and Dext software subscriptions.


Our month end bookkeeping package starts from £75 per month for a business with one bank account, and again includes Xero and Dext subscriptions.

For a bespoke, no obligation quotation for your business, please do get in touch.

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