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Cash Flows

Imagine trying to drive a car with the windscreen blacked out. That’s how one business owner I’ve worked for describes running a business without a cashflow.

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Paying Supplier Invoices

A new client was paying their supplier invoices as soon as they had received them – but I always advise clients to pay supplier invoices either on or just before the date they’re due. Why?

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Credit Control

It may sound obvious but making sure that you’re paid in full and on time is crucial to maintaining a healthy cashflow…

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Why It Pays To Keep Your Business Banking Separate

If you operate your business as a limited company, you should have a separate business bank account. But if you’re a sole trader then although you’re not obliged to have a separate bank account, it’s worth considering opening one for the following reasons:

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Our Pricing

Although we can and do offer traditional hourly rates for one-off pieces of work or jobs with very varied workload, many of our existing clients have moved onto monthly packages and are experiencing all these benefits:

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